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After Upgrading to 2.6 CIG Error 10001 Code no Startup possible
2017-01-27 00:43:22

If it's working on one computer but isn't working on another, it indicates that there might be something specific to the computer or the network the computer is a part of that is having the error. Between going from 2.5 to 2.6 we did change the cloud provider that we use so it's possible that either a router or the computer DNS record is old. Router DNS can be cleared by doing a power cycle on the router. Computer DNS flush has steps that should be easy to find on google but be sure to find the ones specific to the OS being used.

Another thing that can be tried to to bypass the router alltogether by taking the modem, unplugging it from the router, and then plugging it into the computer (assuming it isn't a combo modem/router)

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