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Missing ship parts
2017-03-03 22:20:23

Going to sticky this for the time being so that players that lose parts of their ships can contribute what happened. Hopefully we can find some reproduction steps for it.

To clarify what the issue is that we're looking into in this thread:
I can see in the server logs that sometimes when a new load out is being pushed to a ship, components that shouldn't be affected by the load out change are being removed (such as cockpit audio, ejection seats, thrusters, etc). It isn't possible to reset or fix some of these components without help from someone that has access to admin tools because the broken load out gets pushed to the database (the database isn't doing anything wrong, it's just saving what it's told to save).

So in short, we're looking for reproduction steps on things people can do that cause their ships to permanently lose functionality such as cockpit audio, ejection seats, missing thrusters, etc.

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