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2017-04-12 18:41:08

Will players still be able to make it to Oretani even though the jump point has collapsed? Would a player be able to go to lets say Fora, and be able to set a course for Oretani and have any expectation of making it? And if the answers to this question is no, then why even make the system?

Hi @RansomCole

While there have been a few attempts by Humans to "slow-burn" to other star systems, for the most part they have been unsuccesful. See the tragic fate of the Artemis for one example:
2232: Artemis Launched. First attempt to have a manned spacecraft fly (slow-burn) to the nearest star system. Captain, crew and thousands of volunteer colonists are placed in stasis for the flight. Ultimately the ship disappears.

In terms of gameplay, I believe that currently the only way Players will be able to travel between star systems is through jump points. That means that unless a new jump point is discovered, Oretani will remain off limits.

As to why we created Oretani, we feel that its inclusion in our lore lent itself to some potential interesting story lines as well as to help establish the inherent risk in using jump points for travel.

Thanks for your question,

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