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2017-04-12 18:52:51

Aye Captain!

I don't want to be a PC thorn in your side, but the names of humanity spread in the stars are a bit not so spread out themselves. Don't get me wrong, they sound awesome as they have to, but I kinda also want names that may derive from more than europian and sprinkling of east asian names in there.
Maybe some polenesian or african root names in there? And some spanish, east europian and central asian names too. I know, it'll be hard work making them sound cool, but maybe still?

Thanks. I am so thrilled to see you still interacting with us all these years hence!

Hi @verran

Happy to get a chance to interact with all of you as well!

Totally agree with you about having a wide variety of names for our characters and we actually do have names from a wide variety of sources to help sell the idea of the Earth diaspora. Recent examples include Amihan Hebdan and Senator Suj Kossi. We also create totally new names from time to time just to mix things up.



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