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2017-04-12 21:18:40

Hey there! :D

I was wondering: Will any of the races (Vanduul, Xi'an, Banu, Tevarin) lay eggs?
The Tevarin look kinda bird like and the Banu look a little bit turtle like...
I've asked the question a few times before, but, back then I was told it was too early to tell, so here I am again with my eggcellent questions...

Furthermore, if yes, would that change or affect how they look at boiled eggs and other egg food stuff we have here on earth, or would the difference in look simply make that an insignificant factor.

Hi @GOD_Shive

We have worked up some of the lore for how the species procreate, but I'm going to leave it at that for now by saying that we will be rolling out more lore about the aliens in the future.

It is interesting think about how egg laying creatures would react to us eating eggs. Maybe it would be similar to how some people feel about eating veal or other young mammals? Some would be okay with it while others would find the similarity distasteful?

Thanks for the question,

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