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2017-04-13 18:23:37

Hi David and Co.
I'm currently polishing the Lore that has been written for the annual Crux Cup and I was wondering If you have the name for Earth's Senator to the UEE congress for the around the year 2915? Also how long do senators serve. Since 2946 was an election year.
If you haven't named earth's senator yet may I suggest one Walden "shorty" Hughes, an outspoken earth first senator who regularly clashed with his Terran counterpart.

Also do we know the Senators for earth and does Mars also have a senator. Lastly how many senators are their per planet. Is the number of Senators determined by the number of Population or is it just a straight one per planet?

Hi @Algared,

In the writer's guide, we had said that senators serve for five year terms. The number of Senators changes per planet, but any recognized planet will have at least one. There's no fixed method that determines the number of senators. I think it would be a combination of population and influence. For example, Earth has five senators while Terra has two (a point they're a little annoyed about). Mars has two as well.

To your specific question, we haven't really named any historical senators unless we've needed to create them for lore pieces, so it's pretty open. But I'll add Walden Hughes as one of the Earth Senators in 2915. He sounds like a Universalist.


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