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2017-04-13 18:28:43

Official military ships are designated UEES which stands for United Empire of Earth Ship. For example, the UEES Countenance is the first ship Squadron 42 was assigned to.


Hi Will,

Love you folks' work!

Sorry for asking such a nitpicky question but we working on these standards for Star Citizen Wiki at Star Citizen Tools, and noticed something odd:

According to the Polaris brochure p19, its namesake -- CMDR Hester Polaris -- commanded a UPE ship named UEES Gilchrist whose final voyage was in 2543, three years before the UEE was formed?

At first I was thinking, oh UPE used UEES too? But that can't be right can it?

What is the proper equivalent for a UPE ship?

Hi @CZenStar,

Yeah, that was a typo, but @DireEvangelist95 had a good solution that had the ship continue on its service after the transition into the UEE.

But I'm not sure what the UPE equivalent would be. I'd have to think on that.



Maybe even though it was "United Planet of Earth" their ships retained the localized ship naming, as things were still in transition.

For example, the UPE ship Enterprise would have been USS Enterpise, or the Dauntless would be the HMS Dauntless.

Hi @Shadow-Knight,

That's an interesting approach. I feel like it might be more appropriate during their United Nations of Earth phase. Once they expanded out to the UPE, I think the older country-based naming conventions would probably have been phased out.


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