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LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.)
2017-04-13 18:29:29

In the new loremakers guide to the galaxy there is mentioning of mining rights is this something that goes into the game ?
If so to what agency should i go to acquire mining rights and what legal rights do i have to protect my claim ?

Also the latest lore post mentions that a company proctor procurements will offer services transporting gasses does this mean that there will be company's in game i can comm to come fetch my cargo (be it gasses or minerals/ores) so i dont have to bother with time consuming roundway trips , if so this would make me a very happy starfarer and prospector captain.

Hi @piet11111

Mining restrictions are something that was have established on the lore side and we are still working with design to see how it might be implemented in game. With Proctor Procurements, the current thinking is that you should be able to contract other players (and potentially NPCs) to come cart away whatever resources you've collected, either paying them to deliver it or perhaps selling them the resource as a commodity. Of course, once we start fleshing out these systems more in game, we will have to see how it goes.

As far as who regulates mining, it seems that we have not yet established the government department who will handle it. The narrative team will have to circle around and sort it out. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the question and for reading the lore posts!


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