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LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.)
2017-04-13 18:41:45

I have a couple questions about the UEEN designation system and the 'missing' ships.
There are plenty of designations for which we, the backers, do not know the ships.
My main question is if the lore of these ships have been fleshed out yet?

As I understand, the designations are modeled after the 1922 USN system.
(Mission)(Design Number)(Manufacturer)-(Subtype)(Minor Modification)

This gives:

Anvil Aerospace
Founded 2772.

F(1)A through F6A - unknown
F7A - Hornet (2700's?, pre-dates the **** F7C by 'almost 2 centuries')
F8A - Lightning, 2947?

Did Anvil really develop six separate fighter designs in their first 70-odd years of existence which were accepted into UEEN use, only to then come up with the Hornet and have that still in service 200 years later?

Torpedo bombers
T(1)A through T7A - unknown
T8A - Gladiator,
Also shown in some places as the T3A Gladiator, which one is correct?

A(1)A through A3A - unknown
A4A - Hurricane (2600's, 2nd Tevarin War)
This fourth attacker made by Anvil apparently came out almost two centuries before the company itself was founded?
Edit: Explained in AtV, the original Hurricane was not an Anvil design and the Anvil version is a modern revival of the concept.

U1A through U3A - unknown
U4A-3 - Terrapin, "end of 28th century"


R(1)M through R3M - unknown
R4M - Quasar (Hull D)
R5M - Proteus (Hull E)
Are the Hull A-C the missing designations here or are they not in use by the UEEN?

Formed by merger before first Tevarin war, 2500's.

P(1)G through P4G - unknown
P5G - Gladius
P6G (or F6G?, N6G as trainer) - Avenger

The Gladius appear to use the older 'pursuit' fighter designation. Is this a legacy of it being an older ship?
When did the UEEN change from the P-designations to the F-designations like the Hornet, or is P used for light fighters and F for mediums?

Just how old is the Gladius if the 200 year old Hornet is not notably outdated? Is it a relic of the first Tevarin war four centuries past?

Does the Sabre have a (tentative?) UEEN designation?

A(1)G through A2G - unknown
A3G - Vanguard

B(1)G through B3G - unknown
B4G - Retaliator

Are there any other ships that have UEEN designations other than the ones I have listed?
I remember reading that the 350R was used by some covert units.

Hi @aniron,

No, we haven't delved into the history of the various lines. I have a feeling it'll take some pizzas and a six pack to sift through it.

The Gladius design is pretty old. We established it as taking part in the Tevarin War.

I don't recall mentions of the 350R for covert units off the top of my head, but I'll look into it.

Thanks for the list though, I might copy it to show what needs to be filled in.


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