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2017-04-13 18:48:01

But when Aegis’ billion-credit babies decided that their comms were compromised and shut them off – just in time to miss their recall order – we had to chase down and destroy our own mistake, the death knell for Aegis in the shipbuilding industry.

From https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch/12977-News-Update-WILL-WE-NEVER-LEARN

Is this still correct? Aegis seems alive and well in the shipbuilding industry.

Anyway, my original question was: Is this AI initiative something we'll encounter ingame? Has this failed? Is there any update (planned) on this?

Hi @Godwin,

Yeah, Aegis certainly has hit a bit of a resurgence as a ship manufacturer in recent years. The idea was in between the fall of the Messers and about four years ago, they were struggling to crack back into the ship building market. Their ships were still very popular as used ones, but the government wanted to distance themselves from the war machines of fascists. That was the idea anyway.

No, that AI initiative was another failure, so its been dismantled. It was also my chance to get a Fail Safe reference in there.


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