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2017-04-13 18:51:40

I'm sure the writing team has watched the Expanse by now. One of the parts that caught my eye was the Nauvoo, the generational ship that was supposed to bring a certain faction to another star system. That's something I had to think about regarding SC ever since the quantum drive was revealed, as it has a speed of 0.2c and would be able to reach, say, Alpha Centauri from Earth in just 20 years, which considering the average lifespan being 120 years (last I checked), would be fast enough that you could actually reap the benefits of such a journey.
I know that there was the Artemis, which was launched before the discovery of jump points and the invention of the 0.2c quantum drive, and that with jump points, flying between systems manually became all but unviable. However 0.2c drives have been around for around 500 years - I find it next to impossible that there hasn't been some megalomaniac trillionaire in that timespan that got the same idea as myself. After all, consider the benefits: Colonizing a system without a jump point connection would mean you'd be entirely isolated, out of reach of any authorities - you'd pretty much have your very own empire all by yourself. Who could resist that?
As for ingame representation of that, imagine flying through, say, Ferron, and inexplicably receiving a transmission that uses a 300 years old communication protocol and has some 3-5 ly distant star as an origin, detailing the breakdown of a monarchic society founded centuries ago because the royal family (whose name sounds extremely similar to a corporation we know) ended up without heirs. I don't know about you, but I'd find that a really compelling little story, perhaps something several players would have to figure out as they find bits and pieces detailing the history of that system/society, and it wouldn't really be hard to implement, assuming an already in place system for messages and the like.
What do you think about that, @DHaddock_CIG?

You should also look at the other side of this. It is entirely possible that there are many civilizations that could exist in systems that have no jump connections. And that they could have developed a high enough technology that they can reach the stars nearest to them (which may or may not have jump connections). And of course the chance of SETI from those races who haven't yet got the means to reach the nearer stars but are talking/listening. And I suspect that since it appears in other games from Chris there is going to be a chance that some race comes up with the means to construct their own jump gates.

Hi @Oberscht and @Glacier

Thanks for sharing your interesting ideas!

I could imagine that a few people might have been tempted to quantum travel their way to a neighboring star, but between having to bring along enough quantum fuel for the twenty year burn as well as supplies to survive when you get there it would have been an extremely difficult, dangerous, and costly trip. Plus, there's no guarantee that you'd fly all that way only to find out some jerk discovered a jump point there anyway!

But I will say that we've tossed around the possibility of finding ancient comm signals drifting around ...

And yes, the narrative team (as a collective body) has watched and read the Expanse! Very fun show/book.


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