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2017-04-13 19:03:40

Hi guys, I heard that you've been exploring the Banu a bit lately and that reminded me of something I've been meaning to ask for a while.

Poking around in the Starmap, it kind of seems that a large percentage of Banu might actually live in space, not on planets. Is that true? I was wondering if perhaps the Banu might view planets differently than we do, not as places to live per se but more as resources, whether as sources of minerals, entertainment or whatever.

I remember reading (can't remember where now) that the Banu are supposed to have been in space for quite a long time, longer than the other races (with the possible exception of the Vanduul?), and was wondering whether one consequence of that could be that the Banu are a more "mature" spacefaring race, in that they tend to view space as their natural habitat as opposed to planets?

Edit: And while I'm on the subject, there was actually another question I had about the Banu. Namely, what is the general approach of the Banu to science? We tend to have the attitude that pure research should be freely available to everyone (although we're particular about credit), but is that attitude shared by the Banu, or do they view scientific knowledge in a more commercial way?

Meaning that it might be very hard to ascertain from the outside where Banu science was at, because certain clans, groups or individuals might be far more advanced than others? With scientific knowledge being a kind of guild secret?

Hi @HexKoda

Banu do live on planets and have cities that serve as major social and trade hubs, although with their emphasis on barter and trading, many Banu do prefer to live a more mobile life in space.

Regarding science and technology, Banu do treat their research more commercially. Research guilds will sell their findings and manufacturing guilds will try to corner the market on a new tech, but that said, the Banu don't really have a copyright system, so new ideas tend to propagate quickly through the Protectorate, especially because the Banu are so willing to adapt new ideas if it means more profit.


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