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2017-04-13 19:04:39

Hello! I had a thought last night that I figured would make a fun little side-project for someone on the lore team, or perhaps for our fan base to make submissions to:

Humans love media. Movies, shows, books, games, music, etc. Some times, we love something so much that we take a book, make it into a movie, and make a game based on that movie. Some times, we take an old kid's show from the 90's and make it into a AAA budget feature length film. Every decade or so we add a new trilogy to a timeless classic.

We do see a little bit of this with the lore posts surrounding the Tevarin War, and Star Marine; there was a movie based off of the game I believe. While that's great that we have a little bit of information surrounding stuff that's 'current', as well as a number of transcripts of talk-shows on the Spectrum, there's about a 900-year gap between our real-world examples of media and what our characters would see as familiar and recent in the 2940's-50's. I know there's a few things sprinkled about in some older lore posts, but 930 years is a long time. Look at how many big releases of films and games we have in modern times with just Earth making things. Granted, smaller colonies on the frontier will be too busy trying to survive to make much in the way of art (though that doesn't mean a small indie studio or a singular author can't make something incredible) but I imagine Terra has its own Hollywood and Broadway.

I would love to see a list or a forum topic, or even a Lore Post from a film review journal that takes a look back at the books, movies, shows, plays, comics, super heroes, musicals, et cetera, that have stood the test of time. It might even be funny to see things that are familiar to us in our timeline being remade or rebooted every 30 years or so like we already have today (though that does carry the inherent risk of copyright issues). Sci-Fi especially is an interesting route to take; think of every 80's movie that envisions (or involves getting back to) the future. 2015 wasn't quite how it was imagined. We never made it to Jaws 19, and the Cubs were a year late. Now imagine 1980's Sci-Fi through the lens of someone from the 2900's.

I'm sure you guys on Lore can come up with some great stuff as you always do, and if I inspire at least one idea I'll be happy. So if this post wasn't long-winded enough... Here's a few (perhaps rhetorical) questions:

How did First Contact and the Tevarin Wars affect the media industry? Are there any Tevarin/Banu/Xi'an actors/authors that have made their way into human pop-culture? Do we even use actors, or is CGI so good that it's ultimately cheaper to animate everything and pay for voice actors?
Are there still theaters? Was there ever a brilliant playwright that rivaled or eclipsed Shakespeare in popularity?
What are some notable game consoles that have existed through the years? When did the Sim Cab that we have in our hangars come into being? How realistic is virtual reality gaming? (I understand why, but playing AC and SM doesn't feel like my character playing a video game. Am I to take that as VR being so realistic that it is indiscernible from 'real life' or is that just for ease of gameplay?)
How have humans adapted to accessing what would be 'ancient' media? What has slipped through the cracks, and what has survived? Are the names of our great artists still recognized? Would finding a working vinyl record, mp3 player, VHS, or BluRay from our timeline be considered a major archaeological find?
Do comics and super heroes still exist, or are they a thing of the past? If so: Who are some popular heroes that we can expect to find weekly (perhaps digital) issues of? (Old print comic books might make good hangar flair...) If not, what heralded the downfall of the 'superhero'?

And of course, for each of these questions... Why? What happened that made Humanity want to keep/dig up/remake something? What events/culture issues that permeate the whole of Humanity to create the art they did?

Thanks for reading.

(Edit: Typos, elimination of a question I knew the answer to.)

Hi @Gary0ak,

That is a massively daunting question. You're absolutely right, there would be so many books, movies, bands, trends, genres, art styles, etc. that would have evolved over the next 900 years. I mean, looking at this past century it's incredible to think of how much things have changed then multiply that by every planet that we've expanded onto. My brain's started to leak out of my ear even trying to comprehend how massive it would.

So as it stands, we've just been coming up with shows, artists and books as we've been developing other aspects of the lore or if they've come up during news updates and building a list of things we've referenced.

But it could be a fun exercise to work out some short lists to kick off with (20 best spectrum shows/books/albums of the past century or something) to try and hit the broad stroke landmark pieces that have shaped that medium. I think that would probably be the easiest way to start to tackle this type of thing. And it could be a nice brain-cleanser (i.e. something to casually chip away on if I'm stuck on something else).

I'll keep you posted,


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