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2017-04-13 19:14:44

I was wondering if old ships, from times before peace alien contact yielded new advanced technologies, would be present in game at all. Or if they would just be docked at orbital stations in tourist area, or perhaps they would be flyable.
I think it would be interesting to see ships that used old fashioned nuclear power plants, chemical engines, thick iron or laminate armour, slow burning laser systems, and primitive jump capacity.
The ships in game are gorgeous and very capable in their own ways, but glass/lexan/acrylic viewing ports, whimsical architecture, and pulse/burst lasers do not echo the greasing, overtly mechanical way ships of the line were portrayed in many of the books that I grew up with (Alien Death Fleet, The Black Nebula, Crisis At Warp).
Ships not augmented by alien technology may seem slow, heavy, and boring but a slab sided destroyer with meters of steel and laminate armour, with the bridge in the core of the ship, continuosly firing slow burn chemical lasers and firing barrage after barrage of armour defeating missiles is a very romantic proposition in a space sim. It might even be effective against these newer ships that rely on energy shields and quick firing pulse lasers.
Love the game and hope for the best to all.

Hi @GMour53

Historical ships are a really fun idea and definitely would help sell that the universe has been kicking around for a long time. It was part of the reason why were excited to create Esperia as a manufacturer since they do xeno and historical recreations. I think it's something there's interest in maybe doing down the road, but it will come down to art and design resources. Our ships take a lot of time to build and are pretty complicated so the focus for a while will be on building and expanding out the current fleet.



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