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LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.)
2017-04-13 19:19:02

Hey writing team, I have a question that's kinda bugging me for a while now.

We know that the exit of Jump Points will be "random" (in an area around the "start" of it).
Did it ever happened that a ship exited one and accidentally flew right into another ship?

E.g. An Idris used a secret jump point that isn't known to the public yet and another ship (let's say an Hull C) was on the exact point, where the Jump Point opened and the Idris finished its jump.

Also would both ships be damaged / destroyed, or only the Hull C, cause the Idris would be still "protected" by the Jump Drive / field?

Hi @Sethnix,

I imagine that in all this time, there had to be some kind of collision between a ship approaching a jump point and a ship exiting one. I'm going to have pass on what the game effects of this would be as we haven't really delved into it yet and would involve design as well. To me (and me alone), it feels like it would just be a rare but unfortunate accident, but if you've got a full Hull-C, I don't think you'd really appreciate it as a player.

Maybe there will be some kind of system check in the engine that would prevent you from jumping into an 'occupied' area, but again, you'd have to ask the designers and programmers about that. We'll just tailor the lore to justify whatever approach they want to take.


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