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LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.)
2017-04-13 19:22:26

About asteroid tethers:

Based on all the feedback, we'll go have a look and maybe retcon how these things are supposed to work. Maybe making them more like rods than cables would make more sense.

Please consider my idea as well, several people in this thread found it a good solution. For reference, here's the idea again:

When I saw the ropes anchoring the asteroids I assumed (I studied astrophysics by the way, so maybe my assumptions are slightly slightly more valuable in this regard?) that they were put into place to shield the base from stray asteroids.
I assumed the tethers were paired with some boosters fitted onto the large asteroids, which then could be moved around a bit to protect the base from incoming loose asteroids, like shields.

It seems rather likely at least once a drunken rookie would crash head-first into an asteroid, maybe additionally setting off his rockets in the explosion (or a fight erupts somewhere and a missile hits an asteroid), thereby setting that one asteroid on a rogue path that may well cause it to collide with the station a month later. With the asteroid shields, the station can angle them to deflect the blow and fire boosters at the correct time to prevent them from, billiard-style, crashing the tethered asteroid into the station (also, tethers being very stiff but not so much as to break easily or be brittle or push the station too abruptly would make sense to me).

PS: I know this isn't necessarily your department (although the story behind the tethers could be seen as lore), but I'd really appreciate it if you could forward it to whomever's it is since we were discussing it here, thanks!

Hi @Godwin,

Hmm. That's an interesting approach. I'm not sure if we're going to be having asteroids moving to that degree (i.e. errant ones to come fly in), but my only reticence would be if these would need to be functional thrusters to dynamically have these asteroids swing. Or maybe we just need to indicate the thrusters, but maybe they won't need to fire.


I think having some aspect of "rogue" or incoming asteroids in places where it makes sense (asteroid fields, wreckage fields, maybe certain nebulas) could add some very interesting game play considerations to long term operations in hazardous environments, even if it has to be cheated somehow (IE artificially spawning in an incoming object on a preset collision course every so often) I think it might be worth looking in to.

Hi @BertoxolusthePuzzled

That definitely could be interesting.

Thanks for sharing!


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