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2017-04-13 19:23:07

[Question re Loremaker's Guide for Pyro]

I was just wondering how the UEE could possibly justify tolerating a pirate-run counter-society in a system that has a direct Jump Point-connection to what is arguably the UEE's crown jewel: Terra?
Is it a "At least those vermin aren't lurking in Terra", thus out of sight, out of mind-approach the UEE employs?

Sure, one could argue that now with the war on they simply had better things to worry about, but Pyro clearly isn't something that happened just now, but instead grew over decades.

I can see the UEE not wasting resources on systems at the edges of its sphere of influence, but a system directly "next" to Terra, where the combined financial might of the UEE and some of its biggest/most successful companies is situated... I really do have to wonder why they haven't driven the pirates out of Pyro, if not outright exterminate every last one of them.

Hi @Morisson,

Well, there's probably some debate about which system is the Crown Jewel of the Empire (many think it's still Earth), but I get your point.

I have a feeling, they just will have some security on that jump to keep an eye on who's coming in or out. I have a feeling though we'll probably delve into this question more thoroughly once we start building the Terra system. Maybe if it's far enough away, it won't be as much of an issue? Or maybe distance makes it more of an issue? I'll have to keep you posted.


Hey there Dave, thanks for getting back to me on that one! =)
Please do keep me and us posted if and when you can share a bit more on the situation.

But one thing is certain: Terra is the crown jewel of the Empire... those backwater conservatist-snobs of Sol can rot right along those Pyro vermin, for all I care!

This Rant was brought to you by the "Make Terra Great Again" campaign -- we all know which Planet should rule the Empire!

Hi @Morisson

Everyone knows Ferronites should be in charge! Ferron First!


Capitalist dogs! Everyone knows the true center of freedom and equality is Levski!

Indeed, the People's Alliance.

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