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Error CIG Services (code 10002) PTU
2017-04-14 15:20:16

@GStach-78 - the ptu currently isn't running so if you're getting this error on that environment, that's why. If you're getting this on the public environment, I'd suggest posting in a thread that isn't related to the PTU environment.

Also as a heads up, this error means that the game client wasn't able to reach the authentication service or that its connection to the servers timed out. Other players are currently able to connect to the game servers on our public environment so if this is occurring to you on the public environment, it's going to be caused by something on your way to us rather than a bug with the game so there won't be a 'fix' for it on our end. If it's happening to you when you're in game (which it sounds like it is since you mentioned chat) then there's something causing the connection to the game server to drop out which similarly si going to be caused by something on your way to us.

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