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2.6 error 10002 disconnect frequently
2017-04-14 15:24:48

The initial problem I see is that it sounds like the PTU environment is being used in the launcher and that currently isn't hosting anything so it will result in a connection error. But it also sounds like you're getting this error when playing the game which is a different problem.

A 10002 while connected to a game server is caused when the game client loses its connection to the server long enough to cause it to time out.

There are a huge a mount of things that can cause connection time outs and most of those are going to be things that occur outside of the game. If a wireless connection is being used, stop. If a laptop is being used, also stop. Both of these have too many inherent tech support problems that they can cause to be considered a good idea. Past that, you can look into doing network troubleshooting to see if there's anything that might be causing the connection to the servers to drop for small periods of time.

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