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Chris Roberts

Australian Server will be in Singapore not Australia Until Infrastructure is created
2014-11-12 10:51:13

Personally I interpreted 25Mio strechtgoal like the Aussis: having different servers all over the world so ppl can play/test early alpha state with acceptable pings. Im am located in Europe (imho biggest group of backers...so why the hell first and only gameserver is located in USA and not closer to biggest group of backers ???) and disappointed like the Aussies.
At least I learned why game is so laggy sometimes ships warping.
I think its time for RSI to fullfill some strechtgoals and promises before they give out new stretchgoals and new promises.

The biggest single area for Star Citizen is the USA at 38%, the next is Germany at 13%, then the UK at 9%, then Australia and Canada are tied at 7% each.

There is a large team of people working very hard to fulfill a very large vision. Many things are being worked on in parallel. One of them is a flexible and dynamic back end that should help reduce latency in matches (assuming there are enough players in a co-located to make a local instance viable). I just wrote a detailed post outlining the concept and where we are in its implementation. Its kind of hard to have servers in multiple geographic locations before the dynamic server system is completed. Once it is we will start spinning up local game servers on demand based on where the players are in automatically matchmaked games. You will also be able to override this (in the case you want to play with your friends in the US or somewhere else in the world)

As the largest group of backers are in the US, and the backend team and live ops are all in the US, it is common sense that the first servers would be in North America. That has always been the plan. With the $25M stretch goal we decided to accelerate our plans to have geographically co-located servers to handle the low latency game servers as we now have the funds to cover the additional operational and engineering costs that this entails. This is in process.

I know patience is a hard thing to have but these things don't instantly happen.

Remember everyone isn't playing Arena Commander v1.0 yet, let alone the later versions like 2.0 and 3.0 that bring the full suite of space combat features to play so please don't expect a full featured backend just yet.

And for everyone who is wondering; I'm not still in Australia - just suffering from Jet Lag (and need to sleep rather than play forum warrior!)

Night all!

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