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2017-04-11 16:45:40

First, I wish to give kudos to the outstanding work of Britton Watkins on the aliens languages. I do have a question on that topic:

1) It is safe to assume that humans have a base 10 numbering system, since we have ten fingers. Looking at recent concept art for the Xi'An, it seems they have a total of eight fingers.

As such, shouldn't they numbering system be base 8 instead of 10?

+1 for base 8 numbering.

Good Question here, Also consider though that this might be a primer for us 10 finger folk to understand them rather then from their perspective. Also consider that 0s and by extension other round numbers are very important for software purposes. So even if they started out a base 8 they might have had to move up in recent (relatively) times to compensate. That's my theory anyway.

I think the primer makes more sense, maybe the Xi'an only ever use there symbols for 9 and 10 when interacting with humans. When it comes to software though, pretty much all computing is done in either binary (base 2) or in octal (base 8) and hexadecimal (base 16), so depending on the base, 1, 7 and F (15) are the round numbers.

Maybe the Xi'an get along really well with human coders?

Hi @Khaide,

Just wanted to save the comment for the discussion.


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