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2017-04-11 23:48:40


You're thinking of circular orbits. Fair enough and a good answer (since, like I said, it's not going to be noticeable), but in effect an object never orbits another in a perfectly circular orbit, but they both revolve around their combined center of mass. If you change the mass the center of mass location changes, and hence the orbit.

But, again, we can agree you won't notice, unless you're talking binary stars, or things of approximately comparable weight.

What did you think about the rest of my reply, the tethers and asteroid 'shields'?
Would like to hear :)

For my own education, if the asteroids are in an orbit around the star, wouldn't decreasing the mass change their orbital path (cause them to drift out)?


We can ever so carefully detach mass from that asteroid, intentionally keeping its orbital parameters.
We can transfer some impulse to it during landing and takeoff.
And so on.

It depends.

Hi @Godwin and @sanctus_Paulus

Just wanted to preserve these comments.

Thanks again for chiming in to the discussion!


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