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2017-04-12 00:26:34

Can I join the UEE in Star Citizen and become a part of the military???

Hi @TheOutrider,

In Squadron 42, you will be a part of the UEE Navy. In the Persistent Universe, I'm not exactly sure how it will be structured. There were talks about potentially being able to pull jobs for the military (as a contractor) or even working out some kind of reservist system, but I'm not sure what the current thinking is. I might recommend posting the question to the Design forum.

The tricky thing about serving full-time in the military is that it would require a lot of cultivated content. It makes sense (and helps a lot) in the single player, since it can be more of a guided experience and provides a nice justification why you are being sent places, but becomes much trickier for multiplayer.


The best solution I've always thought was to let us join plantery Militia's/National Guards. It would give players a real connection to their "home planet", and would make far more sense for combat oriented guys. The typical MMO trope of police and military asking some random guy on the street to take on a cut throat band of killers or a hoarde of Vanduuls is...pathetic. Contacting the local Militia to send out a guy (or small group) to handle some of thses situations seems far more plausible.

Wow. A lot of this is way too intelligent for me. That said why don't you just do a "reserve" system loosely based on how it's really done? Meaning that you can "enlist" in the UEE "reserves" or your system's Militia and be "activated" for special events/emergencies such as a large Vanduul raid or some other kind of disaster relief. I'm assuming y'all are looking at doing events in the PU down the road. In the mean time you can randomly assign smaller "special missions" out to the pool of "enlisted" players.

Those who aren't enlisted can take regular missions as UEE contracts for the creds. Those who are can take them for prestige and career advancement and a small bit of creds for fuel expenses etc. Seems pretty simple. I'll let you folks decide what the military career advancement gets you in game. Maybe down the road it could get you access to some cool military tech or special ships. Napoleon said men would march into the maws of hell for a few scraps of ribbon though. Who knows.

"A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon" - Napoleon Bonaparte.

Hi @Snagletooth and @Kayso6

Yeah, since the a lot of planets will have local fighting forces, their militias may wind up being a good source of work for Players looking to fight the good fight while earning some creds and rep.

Thanks for sharing your input!


PS. Ribbons must have been a lot more valuable back in the day.

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