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2017-04-12 15:50:06

Best part was they always left everyone aboard naked. Figured it bought them a few extra minutes since the advos would usually stop to gawp a bit at all the tasty.
From B0otyCall: NovaRiders

This got me thinking about the future and possibility of casual public nudity and how it may have evolved.

Are there places where you can be shamed or better fined for your attire? Too many cloths, too little, wearing offensive gutterwash shirts, wearing a closed helmet in city limits? Or does the far reaching UEE control prevent such imposing rules and regulations?

I know in the interest of a Teen rating we won't see nudity, but it would be interesting to hear so far in the future some planets it's the norm at least in lore.

Hi @The-Grizz

We have had discussions with art and design on the possibility of your avatar's appearance having gameplay and reputation impact, but don't have anything specific yet to share.

From a lore side of thing, I think what's nice about having such a big universe is that there are plenty of opportunities for small communities to spring up with very specific tastes, while on the grander scheme we are looking at who major trend setters would be and how they influence how people might dress around the Empire. For example, we've talked about how since Terra is a warmer climate, their fashion styles might tend to be shorter in length with more skin exposed, where as Earth fashion tends to lean towards being more formal.

Thanks for writing!


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