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2017-04-12 16:08:06


i was wondering about one thing if it was asked and answered somewhere than sorry so my question is vanduls are controling quite large teritory there are alot of them so some of them may be some shady characters like:
merchant who is smuggler and another is in militery who wants promotion but for that he needs some big succes like destroying Idris so he needs evidence of doing it so he finds this smugler who lives on planet in the system full of this vanduls who can get this stuff
this system has jump point in to human system full of criminals almost no UEE in here it was former prison colony befor war there is still some small outpost just for one reson trade with vandul and selling evidenc of destroing Idris like black box or some oxeotic stuff or food (like beef or human prisoner) for some rich asshole is worth something like blueprints of some ship or technology or something
or smuggling someone like vanduls who are running from authorities for political reasons like lets stop fighting human and be friend which is crime for every warmongering civilisation like vandul so it would be possible to meet vanduls on one planet heavily guarded by UEE becaus they are important source of information
and final player can accept mission from vandul to kill traitor vandul but he needs good position with UEE

i have not very good english so if something is incomprehensible blame google :(

Hi @Berhemoth,

Outside of the basic understanding that they have a Clan structure, humans haven't quite cracked how the Vanduul operate. They've been so overtly hostile to us that we haven't really learned if they have smugglers like we do. As for whether players can take missions from Vanduul, it would probably be ill-advised to try and ask.


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