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LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.)
2017-04-12 16:15:07

I have been working on a story, and because it's about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, these people use colorful language.

We have seen in shows like Battlestar Galactica, and Farscape, that non-terrestrial beings use different cuss words. We have also seen in Firefly, that future humans also use different cuss words. I did a little research, and found that 1000 years ago, about the worst curse you could use was, Gadzooks. It turns out that gadzooks is a bastardization of "God's Hooks" or God's fingers, and therefore takes His name in vein, thus it being offensive.

It seems to me that 1000 (or 930) years from now, people will be using different words and phrases to cuss with. I've come up with a list of words and phrases that I'm using in the story. It was brought to my attention that doing this could be confusing to the reader. Because I've written down each word or phrase along with its meaning, I don't interchange them in the story. This gives them context, and therefore meaning that the reader can deduce. (Gorram word smiths!)

What I want to know is, has the Lore team come up with a list of cuss words that are in common use, that I can use in my story? I don't have a problem coming up with my own words, it's actually fun, with some help from Google Translate.

My current list of cuss words and meanings is as follows:

Unharvestable - So useless that even a Vanduul Harvester would have no use for it.
Duulbugger - One who sodomizes a Vanduul
Grozmoker - Idiot
jebat́ - Fuck
Jebaŕ - Fucker
Čortaŭ - fucking
Onzin - Crap/shit
Wángbā dàn - Son of a Bitch

So to be called an unharvestable duulbuggerer, would be one hell of an insult.

Several of these words are simply non English translations. I figure it worked for Lucas, it'll work for me.

Hi @greyhart,

I had no idea that was the origin of Gadzooks. That's amazing.

But yes, Battlestar really set the bar with 'frack.' We've been trying out a handful of ones through the various stories, scripts, news updates, etc. but nothing's really stood out yet. I'm a big believer that this is something that can't be forced. I really want it to be able to slip into normal conversation (even in real conversations) without feeling that weird or out of place while also feeling cutting/insulting. So far, nothing's really done it for me.

That's a great list though. I particularly like the jebat́/Jebaŕ ones.


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