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2017-04-12 16:21:25

Hey Guys,

I just watched Lore Makers on the Orion system and a thought occurred to me. One of the main in game objectives of Operation Pitchfork is to return the Orion system to human control. The question is how eager would the Orion's be to give up their independence and be governed by the UEE after being abandoned? Noted it was the Messar's but still.

More interesting is about half of our volunteers are pirate aligned and given the jump lines, Null -> Caliban -> Orion vs. Vega ->Virgil -> Tiber -> Orion, they will be one ones "relieving" Orion. We are speculating our heaviest fights will be in Tiber given the lore, so our pirate guys are more likely to get to Orion first.

Way back you described the UEE government as trying too hard to do good, would that government forcefully return Orion to UEE control or have guilt trip and allow them their Independence as neutral NPC faction maybe based on Vanduul tech that they have salvaged and learned over the last 250 years?

Just wondering what your thoughts would be on how the NPC's in Orion would react in that case. Your original write up had them very insular, but how would they feel about "regular folks" fighting and dying for their freedom?

Big note. This all predicated on the unlikely assumption we don't all die gloriously in battle and are actually able push the Vanduul out of the target systems


Hi @sailor67,

That's a great question. I'm not sure how the remaining population in Orion would react if they were suddenly liberated. I have a feeling a lot of them probably wouldn't be too keen on falling back under UEE control. You bring up an excellent point though about how the UEE itself would handle itself. They would definitely acknowledge that historically, they let down the people of Orion, so they might try to reassert control in an effort to rebuild their worlds (help them out) or maybe (if there was enough push back) they might leave them alone (just protect them but stay out of their lives).

It'll be interesting to think about how that could play out...


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