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2017-04-12 17:06:28

Recently DiscoLando commented on the cables between mining colonies and asteroids.


Can this be clarified as it seems to have sparked debates as to why it may be scientifically incorrect to use cables and they may actually be rigid rods.

Hi @The-Grizz,

I haven't seen any of the debates, but the idea was that the tethers were used to keep the asteroids in place while/after they'd been mined. Since the mass was changing, they might start drifting which could potentially lead to some kind of catastrophe.


the cables are there to keep it orbiting all together, otherwise they would orbit at different speeds Orbital Mechanics say that it is impossible for 2 objects to occupy the same 6 points in space, by attaching cables all the pieces, though individual are now for all accounts 1 unit capable of occupying the same 6 points in orbital space and traveling at the same speed

Hi @GojiraSamurai,

Ah, okay. Based on all the feedback, we'll go have a look and maybe retcon how these things are supposed to work. Maybe making them more like rods than cables would make more sense.


Could it be that the cables are similar to "memory metals" in that, when a specific electrical current is applied to them they stiffen? That way they could be "adjusted" as needed. Just a wee bit of handwavium there and could be used for other things.

Hi @elsie,

That could be fun.


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