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LORE (Story, Background, Character, etc.)
2017-04-12 18:22:22

Hi CIG Devs,

I was wonderwing if you had picked out an official UEC Symbol? If not I would like to submit this...

And this...

The were collaborated with the help of another community member.

Would love to know what you folks think,


Hello CiG. I was wondering if Lonespacewanderer and I can get a response on this. He created the upper one, and I created the lower one. So let me explain why we even submitted these. In short, Lonespacewanderer is one of the leaders in our Business and Logistics Division. We were trying to come up with a better design for that Division than the one presently used. I am the leader of our Military Division, and helped with the design of our new Division logo.

It went from this

To this.

Now we are trying to come up with something better than this.

never mind the Science and Exploration title. This was just a place holder image that was big enough for us to work with. The interior symbol is what we are trying to replace.

This is a rough idea that we came up with. The Business Cycle, with a UEC symbol at the top, and this would all be over that planet in the military logo.

So the issue we ran into is that we have no idea what the UEC symbol looks like, or whether you have even made one. So we spent a few hours tossing ideas back and forth. We realized that it would have to be somewhat simple. People would need to be able to quickly draw it, assuming that people still occasionally hand wrote things.

So we figured we would submit something, figuring that either you might like it and use it, or that it might give you some ideas to work with, or...that you might let us know that you already have a UEC symbol written into the Lore, and might be inclined to share it so that we can incorporate it into our Business & Logistics Division logo.

Hi @N7_Shadow and @lonespacewanderer

Cool stuff. We do in fact have a symbol for UEC. You can see it on the prices listed in the Voyager Direct store.

For a bit of history on the symbol you can check out this wikipedia page.

Good luck with designing your org logos!


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