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Ben Lesnick

[OLD Rules] Forum Rules
2012-12-14 18:51:36

The new forum rules can be found here:

We've created a simple "prime directive" for forum users that tells you how you should behave, how we'll punish you when you don't and what we're going to do for you in return. We think it's a fair system that should create a good, positive community. As with all aspects, we'd love your comments. We do believe that most of this is common sense and will become unnecessary as the forums become available only to pledgers and backers(after all, no one wants to pay for a game just to troll a message board) but that it is always good to know where you stand. We reserve the right to amend these rules in the future as the community evolves.

[B]Forum Rules[/B]

  1. [B]1. Be good, damn it.[/B] Treat other people the way you want to be treated. Every account is another human being who is excited about Star Citizen. Disagree calmly and intelligently, do not attack each other when you don't share the same ideas.
  2. [B]2. Keep it clean.[/B] We're all adults here… and that means being responsible, not plastering risqué content all over your message boards. No pornography, nothing racist, nothing else outright offensive to other people. You're helping to build a game, not a high school locker room.
  3. [B]3. No trolling.[/B] Do not post messages specifically intended to get a rise out of others. We know there's an impulse to do it, but it doesn't contribute to the community, it tears it down. Your responsibility as early pledgers is to help form a great community, not to endlessly frustrate those who come later.
  4. [B]4. Stay on topic.[/B] Every message board has a topic and you should stick to it. Don't advertise your guild in the game suggestions board.
  5. [B]5. No spam.[/B] Talking about your personal projects and successes is welcome and encouraged in the off-topic areas, selling things is NOT.
  6. [B]6. Contribute.[/B] We want to hear from you. Some of the best ideas come from the unlikeliest thoughts, so if you have something to add stand up and say it!


Three strikes, you're out. If you are found to be in violation of our policies you will receive a 24-hour forum ban. If it happens again then you will receive a 48-hour ban. A third infraction will result in a permanent banning.

[B]Our Promise[/B]

For our part, we will endeavor to be as responsive as possible. We're all one community and everyone here is as excited about Star Citizen as you are. Cloud Imperium staff will do their best to stay active at the forums wherever possible and we will establish a fair system of moderators to keep the boards clean and active.

We recognize that you are the vanguard: you're the fans who put up your money early because you believed in the game and we're going to do the best we can to respect that. Know that in addition to fans with great ideas we want to hear, we also view you as ambassadors responsible for helping spread the word about this game and we respect you for that.

If you believe there is something wrong, do not hesitate to contact us and we will reply as quickly as possible. We want this community to grow and thrive and create and we're relying on it to help us create the best game possible. Follow these rules and we'll be able to spend more time involving you in the process!

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