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Ben Lesnick

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2012-12-14 18:58:45

Roberts Space Industries Forum & Live Chat Rules

Greetings Citizens,
The updated Star Citizen forum rules, established with the help of the community, are now in effect. You can find the current version of the rules below. CIG reserves the right to alter or otherwise update these rules at any time in the future.

1. Be good. Treat other people the way you want to be treated. Every account is another human being who is excited about Star Citizen. Disagree calmly and intelligently, do not attack each other when you don't share the same ideas.

• Personal attacks on other forum members or employees are not acceptable and are grounds for an immediate strike. Terms such as carebear, sociopath, and other derogatory terms should never be used on these forums. We strive to be a welcoming community accepting those from all walks of life and respect each other as such.

2. Keep it clean. We're all adults here and that means being responsible, not plastering risqué content all over your message boards. No pornography, nothing racist, sexist, homophobic, disability-based or otherwise outright offensive to other humans. You're helping to build a game, not a high school locker room. Excessive objectionable language is grounds for a strike.

3. No trolling. Do not post messages specifically intended to get a rise out of others. We know there's an impulse to do it, but it doesn't contribute to the community, it tears it down. Your responsibility as early pledgers is to help form a great community, not to endlessly frustrate those who come later. Included, but not limited to:

• Do not create avatars and signatures intended to bait, defame, ridicule, insult or otherwise mess with other users.
• Parody at the expense of other users is forbidden. Do not copy other users profiles or organizations.
• “Hit lists” of users you intend to attack in the finished game are absolutely forbidden (and generally a ridiculous concept.) The sort of “forum PVP” that exists elsewhere will not be tolerated here. Our forums exist to gather feedback, promote discussion and build the community; general forum bullying directly countermands these goals.
• Starting threads on controversial topics simply to generate an argument is forbidden. (“HEY EVERYBODY PVP RULES AND PVE DROOLS!”)
• Posting to another guild’s recruiting thread in order to harass them is forbidden. Guild recruiting threads are for guild members and those interested in joining, not for fights between guilds.
• Users may NOT post in yellow, orange, or purple text; impersonating a moderator or an employee of CIG is grounds for an immediate ban.

4. Stay on topic. Every message board has a topic and you should stick to it. Don't advertise your guild in the game suggestions board.

5. No spam. Talking about your personal projects and successes is welcome and encouraged in the off-topic areas, selling things is NOT. The forum is not a marketplace and trading or selling Star Citizen ships is not allowed on the forums or the live chat. You are free to sell, trade or gift your packages elsewhere, but you may not do so here. Linking to other sale sites is forbidden, suggesting that users contact you for sales is forbidden, discussing grey market prices is forbidden. Customer Support cannot help you with package-selling related tickets; it is to be done at your own risk. Forum “bumps” are considered a form of spam. Asking for money or donations is forbidden. Be additive, not repetitive.

User-run contests are allowed, but they cannot require that users pay money to enter or register through (or post content) another site. The moderation team reserves the right to shut down contest threads which become derailed. When in doubt: ask before starting a contest.

6. One forum account per user. While backers are free to have multiple RSI accounts to play different unconnected characters in Star Citizen, they may post from only one forum account. When a user posting through an “alt” is discovered, the user will be asked to choose which they would like to continue using and the others will be banned. This rule will be applied when alt usage is discovered, not pre-emptively applied to accounts with the same IP (which could be used by family members.)

7. Do not argue with the moderators while they are acting in their official capacity. If you disagree with a moderator’s action, select the “flag” button and report their post. It will be reviewed by CIG. This is the proper way to report moderation issues; do not start angry threads or derail existing threads because of moderation.

8. Contribute. We want to hear from you. Some of the best ideas come from the unlikeliest thoughts, so if you have something to add stand up and say it! Remember, the purpose of the Star Citizen community is to help the development team create the best possible game. We love posts that help us build our world and hate ones that waste our time by involving CIG staff in unnecessary drama, moderation oversight or rumor mongering.

9. Contests. If you wish to run a contest on these forums, they must follow the following guidelines.
• Must be free to enter.
• Must not be biased towards age, gender, religion, nationality.
• Is allowed to target non-backers only where the intention is to get them to play the game.
• Must have a clearly defined end-date.
• Must have a clearly defined minimal prize pool (can be honors only).
• Must announce winners at the end of the contest.
• Must not require people to register or visit on 3rd party websites (including Skype).
• Must not request personal contact details in advance.
• Must be clear that CIG is in no way involved in the contest.

10. Please also note that these rules are guidelines for good behavior and not an immutable codex defining what you can and cannot do. If your idea of a good time is to find ways to troll the forums without technically breaking one of these rules, know that you will still be banned. “But I’m not technically poking you!” is not cause for the nuanced legal debate you’re imagining.

TL;DR: Be good, don’t suck.

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